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PrestaShop store administration - EXPANDED PACKAGE

Prestashop online store administration and management - ORDER NOW

zł1,499.00 Tax excluded

zł1,499.00 Tax excluded

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PrestaShop store administration - EXPANDED PACKAGE

PrestaShop store administration - EXPANDED PACKAGE


PrestaShop store administration - extended package

PrestaShop store administration can be clearly facilitated by taking advantage of our package, which includes the performance of all the most important administration work. We are able to provide reliable support in the area of management of the entire platform, and we cordially invite you to be interested in the services we offer. The extended store administration package is a proposal for owners of medium and large online stores. People who need a particularly extensive service that will perfectly fit everyone's needs and requirements. Thus, we strongly encourage you to choose our assistance and solutions that we offer for all store owners.

Assistance with a wide range of technical issues

Choosing a store administration package, our customers can count on receiving reliable assistance in many issues related to the management of the sales platform. We are able, in the case of a store, to offer valuable services that will perfectly fit in and meet all the needs of those interested. We take a professional approach to the work commissioned to us and guarantee its implementation by specialists who are very familiar with the PrestaShop tool. As part of the extended package, the customer receives as much as 720 minutes per month, in which we can take care of many tasks related to the operation of the store. We can safely carry out updates to the tool itself, as well as to individual modules. This will make your store work much better and your shopping experience will be safe. For new stores as part of the package, we offer a comprehensive configuration of the entire platform and bring it up to current standards. Customers of the package can also count on us to fix any errors that may occur on the site. This will restore it to excellent performance and the ability to continue selling through the online store. Repairing store errors is our specialty.

We always take a professional approach to orders

Extended package owners can contact us via email or take advantage of phone consultations. We make sure to always be available to our customers and offer them reliable assistance in any situation. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and from this we always take a professional approach to all requests. We will always offer you the best solution for your specific problems.

Choose the most extensive PrestaShop store administration package

The extended package is the highest in our store administration offer and includes everything you need to manage your store efficiently. Within this package, you can use as much as 720 minutes to outsource work and consultations with us. Thus, you can always count on professional support that will work perfectly and meet all your expectations. So, give yourself the opportunity to manage your store efficiently and choose the services of the best experts who have been on the market for a long time and offer professional assistance to interested people. Choose our services with a full guarantee of the highest quality.

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amount: 720 min/month
contract: for 3 months
store configuration: YES
store update: YES
module update: YES
technical assistance: YES
e-mail consultations: YES
phone consultations: YES
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