Audyt Prestashop - pakiet optymalny
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Prestashop audit - the optimal package

  • Speeding up your site will help you increase the ratio of store visitors to customers and reduce the rejection rate. Increase your speed, get more customers!

zł2,300.00 Tax excluded

zł2,300.00 Tax excluded

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Prestashop audit - the optimal package

Prestashop audit - the optimal package


Online Store Audit - Optimal Package

Audit is a service aimed at analyzing the current state of your online store and preparing a list of recommended actions that will improve its speed.

What is included in this service?

During the audit we perform:

  1. Frontend analysis:

    • google Core Web Vitals indicators
    • requests made by the browser during page loading and server responses
    • analysis of loaded resources - JS scripts, fonts, images
    • cache rules analysis
    • content analysis of AJAX query responses
    • analysis of HTML document structure
    • operation of JS scripts
  2. Analysis of backend and backoffice:

    • configuration of store modules
    • store template configuration
    • we check the mechanisms used so far to accelerate the store
    • we propose modules verified by us that can accelerate your store
    • consistency of the source code of your store and modules in relation to the original PrestaShop code for the given version with special attention to the code that may cause bottlenecks
  3. Analysis of your store's runtime environment:

    • configuration of CRON tasks
    • redundant files and directories in the PrestaShop directory
    • redundant database content

If you have previously used our services to improve the speed of your store, and you have not made significant changes since then, we will build on the information we obtained before so you only pay for new activities

What benefits will you have and what do you get as the end result of our work?

The result of the audit is a report that includes:

  • a detailed analysis of the problems occurring in your online store
  • recommendations to improve errors in the configuration of the store and modules
  • a list of modules that cause your store to slow down
  • a list of modules that will help speed up your store
  • if the problems of your store are due to programming changes you will get recommendations to improve them

And any other comments on the irregularities noticed by the auditor during the analysis.

Based on the recommendations contained in the report you can make changes on your own, or we can prepare an offer for the implementation of recommendations tailored precisely to your needs on the basis of the prepared report.

A thorough analysis and maintenance of your store can take us up to 14 working days.

Start and completion times are determined by the availability of our auditors or your preferences.

Please read the notes below before purchasing this package.

What is required to conduct a professional audit of your online store:

  • answers to the pre-audit survey questions
  • access to backoffice
  • sSH access, if available, or access to a copy of the entire store catalog and database
  • (optional) access to the management panel of the hosting service
  • (optional) access to the original module files
  • (optional) access to the original template files
  • (optional) documentation of programming changes made or access to the version control system (e.g. git) if any
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