Pre-order and Waiting List - PrestaShop 1.7 Module
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Pre-order and Waiting List - PrestaShop 1.7 Module

Don't let your customers miss out on buying products just because they are out of stock. Give them the chance to pre-order the goods they want and sign them up for a waiting list to receive notifications as soon as the product is in stock.

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Pre-order and Waiting List - PrestaShop 1.7 Module

Pre-order and Waiting List - PrestaShop 1.7 Module


Encourage visitors to make purchases and increase average cart value with the Pre-Order and Waitlist plugin .

Let your customers order products and subscribe to notifications. Customize your shopping program according to market requirements and customer interests and monitor them in real time.

Key Features:

Pre-order and pay in advance. Provide your customers with a pre-order feature and increase sales.

Waiting List Enrollment. Both registered and unregistered customers can sign up for notifications using a clear form and receive a letter when the product arrives.

Customizable email templates. This is a great opportunity to launch an effective and unique email campaign and communicate with your customers.

Optimize pre-sales activities and loyalty programs.

In addition, merchants can define the number of messages sent and the interval between them.

Bookmark the Waiting List in the customer account. Buyers can easily manage the products they are waiting for through their account.

Waiting List tab in the admin panel. The online store owner sees pre-orders as an intuitive tab and has the ability to manage them.

Countdown. Customers see a countdown until the product is available on the product page.

Support for multiple stores and customizable products

The Pre-order and Waitlist module is a beneficial solution for stores with constantly updated inventory.

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