integrator PrestaShop – Subiekt Nexo Pro i Subiekt GT
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integrator PrestaShop – Subiekt Nexo Pro i Subiekt GT

The licence includes:

  • right to all future updates
  • license per NIP number - can be installed on any number of workstations within one entity
  • installation and configuration via remote desktop
  • possibility of connecting several shops
  • annual license

zł999.00 VAT excluded

zł999.00 VAT excluded

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integrator PrestaShop – Subiekt Nexo Pro i Subiekt GT

integrator PrestaShop – Subiekt Nexo Pro i Subiekt GT


PrestaShop integrator - Subiekt Nexo Pro and Subiekt GT

The integrator allows you to retrieve orders and transfer merchandise information (in two directions) between your shop and Subiekt.

The integrator makes it possible to import orders into Subiekt NEXO Pro or Subiekt GT and execute them as any sales document (selectable: ZK; ZK with reservations; ZK + FS/PAi; FS/PAi, WZ).

Operation of the programme is very simple and boils down to selecting from a list the orders to be imported (the programme automatically selects those which have already been processed).

The programme has an extensive configuration; it allows, among other things, to give orders an appropriate category, to complete the "Remarks" field according to a given pattern, to combine orders coming from the same buyers, to handle separate delivery addresses and others.

Main programme functionalities:

  • Import of orders from the online shop into Subiekt (selectable: ZK; ZK with reservations; ZK + FS/PAi; FS/PAi)
  • Export of goods from Subiekt to the shop
  • Import of goods from the shop into Subiekta
  • Synchronisation of in-store goods based on goods from Subiekt (prices, stock levels, names, descriptions, images)
  • Image support
  • Support for variants
  • Attribute handling
  • Support for sets
  • Category support
  • Multi-store support
  • Support for any number of shops
  • VAT rate mapping per country
  • Support for currencies and taxes
  • Updating of order statuses in the shop (including e-mail notification to customers)
  • Uploading of sales documents in PDF (invoices, receipts) to the shop - replacing the base PDF invoice mechanism of Presta
  • Mechanism for tracking changes in the goods database in Subiekt - fast synchronisation
  • Ability to work in the background (as a system service)

For Subiekt GT, it is necessary to have the GT Sphere.

It is possible to extend the integrator with additional functionalities!

Example application

Orders are sent from the shop to Subiekt, which are packed and processed by the shop staff.

Once the order has been processed, its status in the shop is changed, and the customer is additionally informed by an e-mail message.

The customer can view and download their purchase documents in PDF format after logging in to the panel.

In addition, inventories are synchronised (the shop also carries out stationary sales) as well as prices (which change frequently and depend on specific deliveries).

This is just one of the endless variants of our integrator's work.

Requirements and compatibility

PrestaShop version 1.6 or 1.7

Subiekt GT (with a licence for Subiekt GT Sphere) or Subiekt NEXO PRO (PRO version only) - in versions current as of the date of installation of the integrator

free licence of Subiekt GT + free licence of Sphere for Subiekt GT or free licence of Subiekt nexo Pro

The shop hosting must support IonCube and PHP version min. 5.6 (if you do not know whether your server meets these requirements - please contact us)

Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows Server 2012/2016

If you do not know whether these requirements are met in your case - please contact us

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