Speeding up PrestaShop

The loading speed of the website is a very important factor that greatly affects customer satisfaction resulting from the use of a particular site. It is therefore worth taking care of the fact that the online store loads in a very short time and is quickly available for customers. In our offer there are comprehensive offers of PrestaShop optimization.

Within the offered packages we are able to carry out all the most important tasks, which ultimately affect the speed of store loading. Currently it is assumed that the time to load all the graphics and elements on the page should not exceed 4 seconds. Additionally, Google pays a lot of attention to page load time and gives preference to those which are available to users after a very short time. So choose one of our packages and improve your store's performance.

Our help will make your store run much more efficiently and you will be able to use it more conveniently. We will make sure that customers visiting your site will be delighted with its operation and will be very happy to use all of its features. As part of the packages we will spend an appropriate amount of time to accelerate the site and make the necessary changes. Thus, we invite you to choose our help and take advantage of our best quality offer for yourself.

Prestashop store acceleration
Google Page Speed - optimizing your PrestaShop store. Accelerating your Prestashop store. Fast and optimized pages lead to higher user engagement, retention and conversion. Improve your page load speed. Google recently announced that page speed is a ranking factor.