Prestashop store acceleration
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Prestashop store acceleration

Google Page Speed - optimizing your PrestaShop store. Accelerating your Prestashop store. Fast and optimized pages lead to higher user engagement, retention and conversion. Improve your page load speed. Google recently announced that page speed is a ranking factor.


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zł999.00 VAT excluded

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Prestashop store acceleration

Prestashop store acceleration


Prestashop store acceleration - Google Page Speed - optimization

Google Page Speed - optimization

Fast and optimized pages lead to higher user engagement, retention and conversion.

Improve your page load speed.

Google recently announced that page speed is a ranking factor

It is undeniable that Prestashop online stores with ultra-fast loading speed earn more. Your potential customers can be really disappointed if they have to wait more than 4 seconds for your website to fully display. And it doesn't end there! Low page speed will terribly affect your website's SEO ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. This reduces the visibility of your site to potential customers and thus negatively affects the reputation and revenue of your brand.

Prestashop provides cache optimization settings, but it is not enough and quite complicated for new Prestashop users

This service not only brings to your site innovative speed optimization solutions missing in Prestashop by default ( page cache , image optimization , database optimization , etc.) but also helps you simplify the process of optimizing the default speed with Prestashop. Super Speed guarantees that your site will be faster than ever at the click of a computer mouse!

Below are the optimization technologies used in Super Speed :

1. Prestashop Cache Innovations

Page cache helps to significantly increase the speed of your site by storing all static content in HTML files . The HTML files will be instantly displayed to site visitors every time they request a page.

Server cache and Smarty cache

Server cache helps to reduce the load on the server by storing certain data in cache files such as database query results, arithmetic calculation results, etc., So that they can be reused in later processes. On the other hand, the Smarty cache stores a copy of the template files rendered during the Smarty compilation process and reuses them the next time templates are requested to reduce the template rendering time. The server cache and Smarty cache work together to greatly improve the performance of your site, and speed it up considerably.

Browser cache

The browser cache stores several resources locally in the visitor's web browser (images, icons, web fonts, etc.), So when someone visits the same page a second time, the browser displays the page in a flash without having to connect to a remote server to get the necessary resources.

With its acceleration feature, this module can be a great SEO optimization tool for your online store. Google values high-quality and fast-loading websites, and your site will be more likely to be displayed at the top of the search results page.

2. Comprehensive image optimization in Prestashop

four optimization methods: Google Webp image optimizer, reSmush, TinyPNG and PHP optimization script . It optimizes all the popular images available in your PrestaShop store and helps to significantly reduce the size of images. This allows images to be loaded faster for visitors and saves a lot of hosting space.

3. Database optimization

Prestashop database optimization feature allows you to clear unnecessary data in the database such as connection logs, useless discount codes, abandoned carts etc. (This data is only used for statistical purposes and can be cleared if not needed). Helps save database space and reduce database access time.

4. Minification of HTML, JavaScript and CSS

Speed optimization for Prestashop also involves reducing the HTML, JavaScript and CSS code of your Prestashop online store by removing repeated line splits, spaces, tabs and other unnecessary characters. When minification is enabled, it will help to significantly reduce the size of HTML, JavaScript and CSS files loading to the visitor and speed up page loading.

5. GZIP compression

GZIP is now a must-have feature for all websites. With GZIP compression, you can reduce the size of data sent to clients and save up to 70% on server bandwidth without compromising the quality of images or other graphics

Improved page load speed will provide a good user experience, encourage customers to spend more time on your online store, browse more pages and products, and give them confidence in their choices.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment by not making customers wait too long.

Increase the number of site visitors

  • Page speed vs number of users. Higher page load speed more users will use it. Save your visitors and customers time

Quickly increase sales on your website

  • Many studies show that the slower a website is, the more visitors want to leave it and not come back

Improve your SEO

  • SEO is very important because it is designed to help you get much more traffic.

Save on your hosting bills

  • Optimizing your PrestaShop store reduces the usage of CPU, RAM and database connections, so you can choose a lower package or reduce your resource allocation with your hosting provider.
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