PrestaShop Support and Maintenance - OPTIMAL PACKAGE
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PrestaShop Support and Maintenance - OPTIMAL PACKAGE

PrestaShop technical support and service - repair, upgrade, backup, retrofit - ORDER NOW

zł1,099.00 VAT excluded

zł1,099.00 VAT excluded

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PrestaShop Support and Maintenance - OPTIMAL PACKAGE

PrestaShop Support and Maintenance - OPTIMAL PACKAGE


PrestaShop technical support and maintenance - the optimal package

The issue of managing an online store based on PrestaShop plays a very important role and is worth serious consideration. Choosing the best solutions for yourself from reputable companies will give you tangible benefits and will be able to lead to great satisfaction with the ecommerce business. Therefore, we present a package of technical support and service, which is directed to all owners of online stores. By using the professional package prepared by our company you can count on the support of specialists in the field of repairing the tool that is PrestaShop. Presented optimal package includes as much as 420 minutes of work by experienced PrestaShop technician, which can be used for technical assistance in repairing PrestaShop online store. So get to know the best solution for all store owners.

Optimal package contents

The presented optimal package includes all the work related to the technical support of the online store. If your store is based on PrestaShop tool then using our product will be an excellent choice. We are able to carry out all the repairs of errors on the website as part of our services. Regardless of whether the entire store is not working or a single module you can count on professional support

Professional support in every situation

We aim at customer satisfaction and that is why we are able to remove all errors that may occur in the store. We are able to offer our customers full availability and very fast response to any reports of technical problems. It is our high availability that is the main advantage of our company and makes our services work great. So, do not wait any longer and take advantage of the expert support that is provided as part of the optimal package. Choose for yourself the help of the best experts, who know the content management system PrestaShop very well.

We can handle any size store

Optimal package of technical support and service for online stores based on PrestaShop is an excellent choice and a guarantee of a reliable approach to the provision of our services. Within the Optimal package we offer up to 420 minutes of your time. This time that we are able to devote will be completely sufficient for small and medium-sized online stores. We are able to solve most of the technical problems that may occur in the store during this time.

PrestaShop - Trust the Professionals!

Quantity420 minutes
E-mail notificationsYES
Phone supportNO

Validity period

14 days

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Completion date
14 days
Technical Support
14 days
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