PrestaShop Poland Store Training

If you would like to implement the free PrestaShop platform for your e-commerce site, we encourage you to take advantage of our comprehensive training. It is designed for the owners of the sites as well as the employees that work on the site. You can opt for PrestaShop training at one of three levels. We offer you a basic PrestaShop course - you will learn how to add products, as well as how to create new categories of goods and how to handle orders. If you decide to go for the intermediate level, you will learn how to handle promotions. After the course, you will know how to add discounts, codes and coupons to selected products from your store's offer. When the scope of the material from the above two courses is already well known to you, sign up for the advanced course. You will be able to manage your PrestaShop backup as well as install additional modules. By choosing our training, you will quickly learn how to use this functional platform for online stores.

We invite you to take advantage of our offer! Check out how we can effectively help you refresh your PrestaShop e-commerce site!