Online store advertising - REMARKETING - BASIC PACKAGE
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Online store advertising - REMARKETING - BASIC PACKAGE

Remarketing campaigns for your PrestaShop online store

zł2,600.00 VAT excluded

zł2,600.00 VAT excluded

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Online store advertising - REMARKETING - BASIC PACKAGE

Online store advertising - REMARKETING - BASIC PACKAGE


SELL MORE by reaching directly to customers interested in your products


Effective remarketing email campaigns in compliance with RODO

You can send information about promotions, discount codes, or dynamic products that a customer has viewed on your website. Of course there is also an abandoned cart recovery function

mail is a system of sending dedicated emails to people whose addresses you do not have. Our client does not collect email addresses, the dispatch is done through the partner databases: Onet, Interia, Google

You can send information about promotions, discount codes, or dynamic products which customer viewed on your website. Of course there is also an abandoned cart recovery function



Remarketing in personalized VIDEO videos!

Video advertising is much more effective than display advertising,

in which hundreds of thousands of banner impressions are unnoticed by Internet users. A video advertising spot is watched in its entirety by over 80% of visitors

video ads work on any device, including mobile devices

the advertiser pays for displaying the advertisement only if the internaut watches the advertising clip in its entirety

market research shows that adding video to a product description increases sales of that product by 35%

video advertising is able to convey much more information in a shorter time than traditional static advertising.


Turn visitors into buyers!


technology makes it possible to display ads to users who have visited your website within a specified period of time.

Thanks to cooperation with many publishers, we have advertising space on all major websites in Poland. This allows us to reach the whole Polish Internet.

Because the rtb system displays ads for people who have previously expressed interest in your brand, each additional display increases the chances that this customer will make a purchase.


Reach your potential customers!

How it works

Our tools allow you to collect a range of data, especially on what people are looking for or what they're browsing. Use the collected data in your display and e-mail campaigns.

What is similar?

It is an advanced tool for tagging users in terms of purchase intent. Use the ad to reach people interested in your offer. Easily configure your campaign and collect cookie information based on keywords.

Why use similar?

With data about your users' behavior and interests, you can prepare a unique advertising message for them, reminding them to make a purchase or offering, for example, free delivery or a discount.

Choose who should see your ads

Do you sell mountain bikes, supply mountain bike parts, or repair mountain bikes? Offer your services to those who are genuinely interested in them, and you'll see the return on your marketing investment.

As part of our service, a account manager is assigned to your account who, within a mutually agreed upon strategy, recommends and implements periodic and permanent campaigns, optimizes campaigns on an ongoing basis to achieve the sales goals you set (rate changes, custom list configuration, and more). The specialist is a contact person who gets to know the characteristics of the store and adjusts appropriate solutions in the panel on the basis of data from analytical tools. The contract also includes provisions ensuring full security of data exchange, a trial period, as well as other provisions required by the parties.

Comprehensive customer care model

The main tasks of the account manager include

1. Strategy activities

A. Constant contact with the client in the scope of planned campaigns using the system's tools

B. Preparing and communicating recommendations regarding the configuration of the system tools in order to achieve the client's intended marketing and sales goals

2. Organizational Activities

A. Support the client in managing and planning the marketing campaign project using the system tools

3. Executive Activities

A. Implement the client's marketing strategy by managing the system user panel

B. Implement recommendations to optimize active campaigns

C. Supporting the client in the preparation of graphic materials.*

4. Control activities

A. Constant contact with the client regarding the results of activities and advertising statistics of the campaigns

5. Optimization activities

A. Preparing recommendations for optimization of active campaigns with respect to current analysis of results

6. Reporting activities

A. Preparation of a monthly report on cooperation with the client

* The scope of cooperation to be agreed with the client.

the fee includes 15% for campaign management by a remarketing specialist

You have access to all the above mentioned tools

If you want to spend more on an advertising campaign for your store, buy a multiple of this service

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