Positioning of PrestaShop - EXPANDED PACKAGE
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Positioning of PrestaShop online store - EXPANDED PACKAGE

Positioning of PrestaShop store - expanded package : number of phrases to position 11-20

zł2,299.00 VAT excluded

zł2,299.00 VAT excluded

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Positioning of PrestaShop online store - EXPANDED PACKAGE

Positioning of PrestaShop online store - EXPANDED PACKAGE


PrestaShop Store Positioning - EXPANDED PACKAGE

NOTE: This service is for one month. We do not have long term contracts. If you are satisfied you buy the service for another month.

You can stop paying for the service and choose other keywords in the next package. Our main goal is customer satisfaction and high search engine positions so we are flexible as possible.

Buy a package, wait for the effects and only then decide whether you want to continue cooperation. We will do our best to make you a regular customer and not a one-off. We invite you

Positioning of PrestaShop online store ( SEO ) plays a key role in e-business. It makes our website more visible for users and in an easy way many more potential customers can find it. It makes the store more recognizable, and recognizability usually goes hand in hand with credibility and trust.

Positioning of PrestaShop online store ( SEO ) allows us to achieve business goals and sales at an interesting level. This allows us to effectively develop our company all the time. However, to make the website appear high in the search results, such as Google, you need to take a number of measures.

Extended package of PrestaShop SEO will not only achieve the minimum necessary in this regard, but will allow you to use the full potential of the store on PrestaShop. It includes the optimization of the store, that is actions to improve the website and the acquisition of links. It is also crucial to plan a long-term strategy of actions, which will enable to achieve a satisfactory effect.

An important element of work related to SEO is conducting effective content marketing. Thanks to the package, the content on the website will be properly prepared with the use of keywords, which will allow the search engine to easily reach the store.

The key phrases are selected on the basis of appropriate analysis tools. You can precisely determine which words are used by customers looking for the products or services we offer and use them accordingly.

Choosing the extended PrestaShop (SEO) package we can use as many as 11-20 key phrases. We recommend it to every PrestaShop owner who cares about the development and future of their business. The price is very favorable, much cheaper than if you complete individual activities outside the package. It is an investment whose profits far outweigh the cost.

Try it out and you won't see how quickly your store can get to the top positions in search engines

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