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Moduł PrestaShop – PrestaGuru – PRE-ORDER AND WAITING LIST

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Moduł PrestaShop – PrestaGuru – PRE-ORDER AND WAITING LIST

PRE-ORDER AND WAITING LIST – moduł Prestashop – PrestaGuru

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Table of contents

Introduction to Pre-order and Waiting List 2
Key features 2
How to Install and Deactivate 3
How to Configure 4
How to Use 8
Feedback 10

1. Introduction to Pre-order and Waiting List Module

A new version of the Pre-order and Waiting List module, optimized for PrestaShop version 1.7.

The extension allows customers to order and pay in advance for items that are currently not available or out of stock. Both registered and unregistered customers are also able to subscribe to the waiting list for a product, so they will get notified by e-mail once the item is back in stock. This improves the user-experience of your web-store and makes your customers satisfied with your service.

Key features

● Customer can choose to pre-order and pay in advance;

● Customers can subscribe to the waiting list for a product to get notified when the item is back in stock;

● Customizable e-mail templates;

● Notifying about order status change;

● A separate Waitlist tab in the admin panel will display the list of out-of-stock items that have already been paid for;

● Multistore & Configurable products support.

Once you install the extension your customers will be able to purchase and pay for

items that are out of stock on your store. After the customer completes the payment, the order gets automatically recorded into the Waitlist tab in your admin panel. This allows you to monitor the consumer demand and to be able to quickly react once your

web-store runs out of some popular and demanded products. As soon as a product becomes available again, all subscribed customers will receive automatic e-mail notifications that their order status has been changed.

2. How to Install and Deactivate

How to install

1. Go to Improve -> Modules -> Modules & services click on “Upload a Module”

button. Select .zip file with module.

2. Go to Advanced Parameters -> Performance -> click the “Clear Smarty Cache”


How to Deactivate

Go to Improve -> Modules -> Modules & services -> Installed modules. Select enabled module for disable and click “Disable” in dropdown.

3. How to Configure

Log into your PrestaShop 1.7 admin panel and navigate to the Preorder Products – > Settings section.

This will open up the general settings menu where you can configure the behaviour of the module.

The settings menu will include the following options:

Login Customer for Notify: only registered and logged-in users will be able to subscribe to the product waiting list.

Allow Preorder: enable this option to allow customers to pre-order items that are out of stock;

Active Cron: activate Cron (you need to have an active cron job set up on your server).

Delay between messages: indicate the time interval between the notification emails (in days);

Number of messages: specify how many follow-up emails will be sent to the subscribed customers.

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Once you are ready with the general settings switch to the Preorder Products -> Email

Template menu.

This section offers to create and customize e-mail templates that will be used for sending follow-up messages to the customers who have subscribed to the waitlist or who have pre-ordered a product.

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The list of customers who have added a product to the waitlist or pre-order an item is available under the Preorder Product – Wait list menu.

How to enable out-of-stock products to be sold as preorder

Navigate to Catalog -> Products and click to edit the product that you wish to allow to be sold as pre-order when it is out of stock.

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Switch to the Modules tab -> click Configure for the Pre-Order Products module.

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This will open the list of products, where you can select which products customers should be allowed to pre-order when they are out of stock.

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Additionally, you can enter the product edit menu where you can specify the time and date and also activate the countdown timer that will show the exact number of days and hours when that specific product becomes available again on your store.

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3. How to Use

Now let’s see how the module works on the front-end. Once a product becomes out of stock the Order button is replaced by 2 new buttons: Pre-Order and Notify.

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● The Pre-order option lets customers pay for the product in advance.

● The Notify option allows users to subscribe to the waiting list so they will be automatically notified by e-mail once the product becomes in stock again. The module allows to enable this option both the ogged and non-logged users.

Additionally, a special counter indicates how much time is left until the product appears in the store again.

The list of users who have subscribed to the Waiting list is available in the admin panel under the Preorder Products – Wait List menu.

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