Positioning of the PrestaShop online store - BASIC PACKAGE
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Positioning of the PrestaShop online store - BASIC PACKAGE

PrestaShop store positioning - basic package: number of phrases for positioning 1-3

zł899.00 VAT excluded

zł899.00 VAT excluded

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Positioning of the PrestaShop online store - BASIC PACKAGE

Positioning of the PrestaShop online store - BASIC PACKAGE


Positioning the PrestaShop store - BASIC PACKAGE: 3 phrases

NOTE: You buy the service for one month. There are no long-term contracts with us. You are satisfied and you are buying it for the next month.

You can stop paying for the service and choose other keywords in the next package. Our main goal is customer satisfaction and high search engine positions, so we are as flexible as possible.

Buy a package, wait for the effects and then make a decision whether you want to continue cooperation. And we will do our best to make you our regular customer and not a one-time customer. We invite.

Website positioning is essential in the Internet age to run an efficient business. Unfortunately, not every entrepreneur can afford it. It is often a considerable expense, and it happens that the company's budget is very limited at a given moment for various reasons.

This usually happens when starting a new business, where there are a lot of things to do at the beginning, and of course expenses. If you have your store on PrestaShop, we meet your expectations.

Our basic PrestaShop online store positioning (SEO) package will allow you to start basic, albeit necessary activities, thanks to which you will not be left behind and will have the opportunity to effectively develop your business - all at an affordable price.

Positioning your PrestaShop store will allow you to achieve better and better sales results, because the PrestaShop store website will appear high in the search results in the Internet search engine. This will make it much easier and faster for potential customers to get to your site and then make purchases.


The basic package of online store positioning PrestaShop (SEO) will allow you to properly optimize your website so that it is prepared for increased traffic on it. It will allow you to arrange graphics, content and information in a suitable way for further SEO activities. It will also be possible to adjust the content of the code to a specific angle, which most often requires interference with the CSS and HTML source code.

Remember that the positioning of the PrestaShop online store (SEO) is based, among other things, on keywords. Thanks to the package, we will be able to use this option for 1-3 phrases. All these activities will provide the necessary minimum that we will be able to develop in the future.


Positioning a PrestaShop store is undoubtedly a profitable investment that will pay off in some time and will allow you to achieve the business goals we set. Look at the positioning of your PrestaShop store as a profitable investment and try our basic package today.