Module - Allegro integration with PrestaShop 1.7
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Module - Allegro integration with PrestaShop 1.7

A module that enables two-way integration of PrestaShop with Allegro. PrestaShop 1.6 and 1.7

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  • + 7 days of additional maintenance
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  • Lifetime license
  • 1 year
  • extension for one year

zł605.00 VAT excluded

zł605.00 VAT excluded

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Module - Allegro integration with PrestaShop 1.7

Module - Allegro integration with PrestaShop 1.7


"Integracja Allegro z PrestaShop 1.777".

Restoration of products:

  • The downloading of the product data from the store, description, price, photo, etc.
  • The possibility of the name/opisu/ceny before the exhibition of the product.
  • The mass change: (ceny products, types of exhibitions (e.g. pogrubiona, distinguished), the duration of auction, the amount of art to play.
  • The possibility of exhibitions of many objects simultaneously simultaneously simultaneously simultaneously.
  • The optional automatically maped category and features/atributs from PrestaShop to parameters of the Allegro - Błyskawiczne show.

Synchronization for the orders of the Synchronization.

  • As a result of the store's requests (with a given client, products, and data from a formularized purchase with Allegro)
  • The change of the warehouse product on the store (such as the atributes)
  • The change of the warehouse product to Allegro (as a retailer).
  • The import of data after purchases (e.g. data to the facts, changed addresses, content to the address)
  • The import of allegro, or if the buyers of 4 products do with this 1dno order (ideal order in order)
  • The ability to connect/connect each with import/synchronization options.


  • PrestaShop's price on allegro (with the option to add products to updates)
  • The option to change the quantity according to the PrestaShop magazine to aukcja (to reduce / decrease and increase).
  • The reduction of the number of items available after the order of allegrogros.

Szablon Zakład

  • The number of szblonów is ineffable.
  • "active" option.
  • "House" option.
  • edytor graphic who "not ucina" is a large HTML editor.

Konta Zakład

  • The number of konts evolve.
  • Many portals with Allegro group Allegrogro.
  • "Slep" option.
  • "active" option.
  • "House" option.

Płatność i vendora

  • The number of payments and supplies of goods and services were not paid.
  • "active" option.
  • "House" option.
  • automatically updated payments and sends allegros from Allegrogro.


  • It allows automatic features for the Allegro category.
  • It can automatically map the category of the Allegro category.
  • Through these laws, we can minimize the time of the auction to several seconds.

The moduł was tested to 30 tobacco auctions.

Amount of products
Data transfer
Task automation
No sales commission
Technical support
Three days