Regulamin website

§1. Constance of general relativity

1. The previous witnesses of the Uspensi according to Regulamine and the laws of common law.

2. The service is held via Sklepu website for 24 hours per week.

3. The owner provides a lower Regulamin on the web site Sklepu, and can provide him in the Klienta or riot in connection with email, containing information about Klient's arrival. Students can access to Regulaminu, utrwalid him, and recreate it through extermination or documentation on data.

4. On the website Sklepu, information is not available on the website Supporters in understanding the Article 66 of the Civil Code, and only the invitation of the Klients to form an agreement, according to Article 71 of the Civil Code.

5. In order to use Sklepu, it is necessary to carry out a teleinformatic device with access to the Internet network, improving the web browser's web browser in the current or previous version Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera, with an integrated JavaScript service, as well as an active and remodeled electronic mail.

6. The use of the Sklepu can be associated with the Klient cost of the Internet access network and data transmission, in terms of the set-up with a telecommunication operator, with which the service uses Klient.


§2. Contvation in the store

1. Cont Klient's statement is revealed at the time of the confirmation of the registration of the Klient.

2. The premiot of more services to the Konta Klient's Konta Klienta panel, which enables Klient to manage the Klienta data and orders.

3. To form the Konto Klienta, it belongs to free and free registration. It is followed by a filly and sent to the register format that is available in the Sklepu website.

4. The correct fulfillment of the formal registration format is supplemented by all compulsory and possible options, using real, complete, complete, complete and accurate data.

5. Before sending a formal registration format, through the recognition of his proper Klient field, he should learn that he was familiar with the Regulamine and accepts his provisions.

6. Prior to the registration format, via the recognition of its proper, Klient may have been banned, that it expresses permission to process its personal data, in marketing purposes.

7. One who writes that marketing goals exceeded, can be included in particular by the publisher of commercial information, using contact data. As a result, the point of the above can be seen at any moment.

8. A formal registration format for Strandawcy is based on the functionality of the Sklep and through it.

9. The use of Konta Klienta is possible after its creation, and then login and hash.

10. The statement of the agreement on the conduct of the Cont Klienta may be made without suspicion and at any time, using its functionality or by sending a message to Klient in this premiocie to S-mail.

§3. The basic functionality of the store

1. As a result, Klientom provides the following functionality of the Sklepu: the implementation of the Towar search system, the acquisition of the Stock Exchange with the Sovereignment of advertising for the Towar in the social media, making the map, the ordering of the resources.

2. In order to seek Towara or Usługi in Sklepie, it belongs to the Sklepu search area, and then approved it. The function enables the search of Sklepu resources using keywords introduced by Klient. In addition, functionality can enable search for advanced searches.

3. In order to use the functionality of the user with the Sovereign, it should be used in his request, and then transmit the message to the publisher. If it is in the "online" mode, The pre-existing answers were incorrect, through the functionality of the password.

4. In order to use the functionality of the advertising offer of Towaru in social media, it is necessary to use buttons assigned to those media, published in the Towaru advertising area. In order to use this functionality, it is required to have a user's user account in selected social media.

5. To use the map functionality, it is to display a web page containing a map. The function of the function enables access to the location of the Soverdawcy headquarters.

6. To use the functionality of the Sklepu resources in the social media, it is to use buttons assigned to those media, published in the Sklepu area. In order to use this functionality, it is required to have a user's user account in selected social media.

7. In order to track the order, the number of orders in a particular area is required. Numer orders to be found in a paragonia and in mail confirming a complex order.

§4. The order consists of an agreement via Sklepu

1. An order for Towara or Usługi can be made via the website Sklepu for 7 days a week and 24 hours per day, using Koszyk functions. After completing the list of Towaras' orders, the Klient was transferred to the order.

2. After completing the list of Towaras' orders, in the Klient District, the Klient District, or select: the information about the delivery, containing the way and addresses, the payment method.

3. As a result of the order's orders, Klient's announcements were received by the Klient by lighting out in the Koszyka area, information about the liaison for an order with signatures, and the cost of derivative, in particular the cost of Dostarz and payment.

4. The order can be replaced by the use of the proper button at the cost and is equal to the lienta of the agreement of the Sprzedaży Towara.

5. Before being sent to a formal order, through the recognition of a proper control field, a formulation of the order, Klient should learn that he learned from the Regulamine and accepts his provisions.

6. The order can be changed by Klient until receiving information about the Towara by Soverdawka or to begin service.

7. As a result, the order can include its anulation, an annulment in part, the extension of Towara, the change of the address of Dostarović.

8. As a prerequisite, Klienta informs Klient about the inability of accepting, in case of the circumstances of her causing. This information is transmitted by telephone or electronic. The information can be expressed by the rejection of the offer or contains the following proposals to modify the order: rejection of the offer in part impossible to realise, which results in a count of values, the partition of Towaras, or Dostarch on a part that is possible, and part of which Dostarching is not a result of the value of the term.

9. The start of the service takes place at the time of the impact of the bank's financial resources

10. The sales sales sales sales sales date according to the offer

11. The duration of technical support for the individual packages of the Instalation: the primary period of technical service seven days, the optimal time for technical services, the technical time of the technical service of the fourteenth days, an extended period of 30 days of technical assistance: the primary technical duration of the technical service is not more than 180 minutes, the optimal duration of the duration of the duration of the duration of the duration of the duration of the duration of the duration of the duration of the duration of the duration of the duration of the duration of the duration of the duration of the total of the technical service of the duration of forty-fourth century, not more than 720th century The basic - the technical duration of the three days not more than 180 minutes, optimal time for technical service seven days not more than 420 minutes, an extended period of 30 days, not more than 720 minutes

12. If there is no more technical or technical assistance to the purchase of the package, the goods or services of the duration of the duration of the duration or technical aid is maximum of thirty days after sales date

13. The terms begin to sell the sale date

14. The confirmation of the S-mail requests the sender to send email messages. This information is determined by the conditions of the Sprzedaży Agreement, as well as the data introduced by Klient in the form of a speech, to allow the detection of errors. In the case of such errors, Klient may be entrusted with the S-mail message sent by sending email messages to the correct data.

15. The confirmation of the order is equal to the acceptance by the Soveraży Agreement, which is composed by Klient.

16. The services offered by Sprzedujący do not include graphics, visual changes, and programming works. The services listed are mutually appreciated individually on the list of customer wishes and may be accepted in the entire part or not be accepted

17. All information and files for the client are stored maximum by 60 days from the date of the request for the client's orders


§5. phone calls for telephone calls

1. The purchaser does not allow the purchase of Towars or telephone services.

§6. second-person plural future of sale

1. The previous witness to the Klients of the Sprzedaży Towara and the services to the distance.

2. Prior to the agreement, Sprzedaży includes the commitments to transfer ownership of Towara and their assets, and the obligations of Klienta to the retribution of Towara and the payments of Towara prices.

3. The winner is the right to conduct a promotional campaign in particular to reduce the price of Towaras or Uspens to a specific term or rent of the Towaras stocks.

4. It includes Sprzedaży, Sprzedaciel zobo się do Dostarczenie Klientowi Towarów bez wad.

5. The importance of the packets: The basic 3 Days, Optimal 14 days, 14 days, 30 days.

6. If there is no time the service is 30 days.

7. The agreement of Sprzedaży takes place at the time of the confirmation of Klient's orders.

8. After the completion of the work, Kuppier reported the errors in the term not longer than 7 days after the end of his work. Following this term, changes and corrections are considered to be unfinished

9. Tovars and User's claim is not before after paying tribute to Klient.

10. The confirmation of the Towars to their Dostare, may be made by sending emails to the email address of an electronic Klient.

11. The clients that are stored on our servers are unlocked after 90 days from the end of the work or extermination of the package.

12. The danger of accidental loss or damage to Konsument's relationship with the moment of its release.

13. In the case of choice by Klienta, the options of Dostarczenia via Przewoźnik, recommended that the transmitter was examined by Klienta at the presence of Przewoźnik.

14. In the case of the damage to the Klient has the right to demand the correct protocol.

15. Working days from 11–15–15

§7. Płatność

1. The payment of the title Sprzedaży is determined on the basis of the Towar price, which is located on the website of the Towaru.

2. On the website Sklepu at the Tovarze website are priced in Polish gold and contain the value of VAT tax, while there are no cost of Towaru and a selected payment form.

3. The cost of the transaction and the acquisition of Towaru or Usługi ponosi Klient.

4. The total price of the order, visible in the area of the Koszyka before the assembly, and after the election of the Tovars and payments, covers the price of Towara with the income of taxpayers and all derivative costs, in particular the cost of Dostarch and transaction.

5. The total price of the order is to support the Soverdawcy and Klient.

6. The sale enables the following payments of the title given to Sprzedaży: cash, cash, or card at a personal audience at the seat of the stationary Sklepu, ready for the purchase of the goods from the Przewoźnik, a traditional bank 98, 1160,22020,0001 6509 2652, using an external payment system, served by Dial Com24 Sp. z o.o. with the headquarters in Poznań (60-327) at the Canclerska 15, in the letter to the Restruction of the Republic of Poland.

7. The term of payment is a moment of the release of Towaru or Uspensi.

8. Klient is obliged to pay payments: at the time of the release of Towar or Usługi, in the case of the choice of cash payments, in the term 7 days, in the case of the choice of a traditional payment method, at the time of the request of a decision-making method.

9. The return of the payments by Sovereign takes place, not later than in the term 14 days after the date of the uprising, in case: rejoining the agreement by Konsument, resigning by Klient with the request or part of the order of the acknowledgment, recognition by the publisher of the reporting of a patent, or by the law.

10. The payment is made using such a way of payment, which was used by the Klient in the original transaction, unless the expression was agreed to other solutions that he did not know any cost.

11. It is not obliged to return by the Klient's additional cost of the Tovars or Usage if Klient chose the way for the Tovars to provide a different one than the most common way to the Dostar.

§8. Gwarancje

1. Towara can be covered by Soverdawcy, producer or distributor.

2. The guarantee of guarantees is made by the abolishment of guarantees, which defines the duties of a guarantee and cultivation of Klient in the case of Towar or Usługa do not have a certain property.

3. With Towar the volume of guarantee, Sprzedanik publishes the guarantee document.

4. The 12 months on the store at any administrative pamphlet for twelve months

§9. Reclamations

1. Reclamations can be made from the title of the hand or guarantee, in the case of its separation.

2. In the case of Towaru guarantees, Klient is able to advertise Towaru's advertisements, with the provision of guarantees, through the announcement of advertisements via advertising via advertising via advertising via the application of trademarking Supporters or directly to the guarantee. In the case of Konsument's commitment to guarantee, the term for the performance of the title is suspended from the day The publishers of the wedding. The term continues further from the day by guarantees to perform duties that result from the guarantee of guarantee or unrest.

3. The right to use the powers that result from the title of the robbery depends on the possible powers of guarantee. As a result of the possible cultivation of guarantees, it does not affect the responsibility of the Sovereigners' title.

4. As a result of advertising with the title of a handbag can be made a letter or message e-mail under mail or electronics. It can be constructed using a formularizer, which is connected to Regulaminu, but it is not compulsory.

5. In the content of a set advertising with the title of a handbook, he recommends: contact data of Konsument's contact data, which will be able to share responses to advertising, and the introduction of correspondence with her related, the issue of a bank account, the issue of the Consument's account, which deserves the return of money, for example, the description, and the issue of the data.

6. In the case, when advertising with the title is about Towaru, to provide advertising via Soverdawka, Konsument is to deliver or send advertising to Towar on the Soverdawcy address.

7. The winners of the title advertising: a handbook in the term 14 days after the announcement, a possible guarantee, in terms of guarantee.

8. As a prerequisite, Konsumenta informs Konsumenta of the bankruptcy: with the title of an electronic road or a list of ordinary, depending on the will of Konsumenta, or applied by a report of advertising, with the title of a guarantee in a certain condition.

9. In the case, when advertising from the title is about Towaru, who is able to recognize advertising under the sign of Konsumenta, the title of the robbery refers to Towaru, who is able to recognize advertising, It provides or transmits Towar to Konsument's address.

10. The return of money for money in connection with advertising from the title of a hand-to-hand hand-to-hand bank account or mail, according to the permission of the Konsument.

11. The use of the right hand is excluded from the Knesset.

§10. In addition to advertising and investigating the risks and the investigation of the risks

1. Consument has the ability to use the following extrasolar ways to distribute advertisements and to investigate the roster: the resolution of the dispute resulted in the agreement of the contract It is preceded by a permanent court of consumers operating at the Inspekcja Handlowej, which addresses the appropriateness can be determined by the website of the Office of the Protection of Concursion and Konsumentów, conducted by the URLhtmentps:/Wuik No. 524/2013 of May 21, 2013, on the Internet forum of the Confucian disputes and the amendment of the Regulation (EC) No. 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22/EC.

2. Information about the procedures of non-sapplied advertising and investigations, and the rules of access to these procedures are located in the headquarters and on the web site listed in the page 1. Articles and institutions that realise the task of the extrasolation of the consumer disputes and detailed information on the front, are on the website of the Office of Conservation and Consumer Protection, available under the URL htps:/wwok.

§11. As a result of the agreement, the agreement will be rejoined

1. Consument may not be given a cause to replace the term 14 days after the agreement, including the Sprzedaży Agreement, with the use of the norms in the content of rejoining the agreement, which joins the Regulaminu.

2. The right of rejoining the agreement does not deserve Konsument in reference to the agreement of the Towaru Dostarch in a sealed packaging, which after the opening of the packaging can not be returned due to the protection of health or health.

3. In other cases, Konsument can replace the contract with the Sovereignment statement of the contract. The statement can be made into a formula which is a link to the Regulaminu.

4. However, not later than in the term 14 days, in which Konsument resigned from the contract, he was obliged to return to Towar Soverdawcy or give him a person a more important member. Towaru's use of the term will be heard before his time. The lower rules are not used in the case when Sprzedanik proposed that he had taken Towar.

5. Consument owes responsibility for reducing Towaru's value, which is due to the use of it in a way that is beyond necessary to determine the character's character, character and function of Towar. 6: In the case of rejoining the contract, it is considered unfinished. If Konsument filed a statement of resignation from the contract before Sprzedanik accepted his offer, the offer becomes involved.

§12. The imagery of data and files of Osobom, whose personal data are processed by the Soverdawka, and contributes the rights to the Polity of privacy and files. Information about the use of cookies is in Polityce privacy and file format.

§13. licensing

1. As a prerequisite for the Klients using the Sklepu unpaid licenses for personal use and to allow the use of Sklepu, with the behavior of the lower conditions.

2. The name Sklepu, a graphic project, the Sklepu, Sklep, the source code, or compiled Sklepu, a web page that serves Sklepu, and all documents developed by Soverdawka in connection with the release of Sklepu, including copyrights, including Regulamin and other documents or messages. One who does not carry on the rights of copyrights to Sklepu or any of his works, nor the cultivation of permits in the premières of copyright infringement of copyright laws to those works or Sklepu and use them, as well as for other rights, unprotected by copyrights.

3. The law for use of Sklepu and related tracks, refers to the following fields of operation: record and recreation in the memory of a telecommunication device in place and time chosen and accessed via telecommunication devices in place and time.

4. Klient cannot: loan, lease, or relinquish the tracks or any parts, as well as creating the tracks on their basis, convincing the change of tracks, removing information about property rights or copyright laws that can appear in the area of the recordings in violation of common laws or norms.

5. Licence is ineligible at the time, uninterrupted territorially and unconnected, and is associated with the entire Sklep and related songs. The owner retains only the right to decise the integrity of Sklep.

6. Using any content, and in particular: comments or opinions, Klient gives a spokes to the things of any content The non-payers, unfinished at the time, uninterrupted territorially and unconnected in their use on the following field of exploitation: publications in the web site Sklepu, recording, and recreating in a telecommunication device in the place and time chosen, access and lighting via a telecommunication device through a telecommunication site for the use of self-service, and the use of the right to provide a license to keep the points above.

7. Klient accepts the news that the prohibition is provided to Sklep or via its content, content: injustice, can lead to errors of other Klients, violations of personal Klients, Supporters or third persons, commonly recognized as obscurable, vulgar, or violating good tastes, especially: pornography, contenting the use of drugs or excessive alcohol consumption, contenting to raceism, xenophobia or hatred. 8. Sprzedanik is fed to removing or moderation of content that violates the Regulaminu.

§14. Conversion and change of regulation

1. Regulamin enters life in the term 3 days after the date of his publication on the website Sklepu.

2. Regulaminu's name may be changed from the cause of changes of the law regarding the subject of the experience of the service, as well as due to technical changes or organizational, regarding the experiences of the Soverdator.

3. Regulaminu's name is taken by publishing his new content on the website Sklepu.

4. Regulaminu's name does not include the Sprzedażyum prior to its change.

5. Information on the change of Regulaminu takes place in the web site Sklepu, in the term 3 days before the start of its new sound.

6. One who sends an electronic information about the change of Regulaminu, in the case of a um-opening agreement.

§15. Constance of the finals

1. The agreement was made with the agreement on the basis of the most common Regulaminu laws would be resolved by the first order to negotiate. In the absence of an agreement, the court will decide to settle disputes due to its headquarters.

2. The meaning of a large letter is consistent with the obesity listed in a partial description of the definitions used in Regulamina.

3. One who is not responsible for: a break in the correct functioning of Sklepu, and does not find a statement of merit, caused by the strength of strength, in relation to the Klients of the unbearable Konsumentami, a break in the proper functioning of Sklepu, and does not place a debt to the Klientów unobtainers, due to technical reasons, or the cause of the loss of St.

4. In the absence of a field goal, the dispute between the Sovereat and the Klient failed to make such a decision to establish a proper court for the Polish state.

5. As a result of the Klients in the absence of the Constitution of Poland, the laws of their national rights are allowed, as the right to perform a contract with the Polish Republic and to settle disputes with the Polish Republic.

6. While the parties did not speak differently in the form of a written letter for the general agreement of the pages in the detail of their work, services, and packets do not include works: graphical work, translation, programming, and code modification.

7. Regulaminu regulations are not intended to connect or limit the law of Klient, which is the result of local laws commonly enacted.

8. As a result of the agreements of the Sovereign, in the case of incompatibility with the laws commonly held in the country of Konsumenta, these regulations are used.

9. In the case of the Regulamin's regulation, however, the regulation of the regulation would not be breached, and the effectiveness of the other regulations. Instead of unanimous or unintelligible terms, the law will be a norm corresponding to what the parties were determined or that if they were signed in the Regulation. The 10th Monitoring Marki is run by Brand24 and Newspoint miedzy: *Best Solution*, Aneta Nowicka*, Prestaguru, and its derivatives and other derivatives

§16. Definitions used in regulation

1. The working day is a week since Monday to Friday, with the exception of a free day.

2. This is the process of adjusting Towar Klient's hand to the goal by his destination, which is implemented through Przewoźnik.

3. Klient is a physical person, under the conditions of having full legal abilities, or limited legal abilities in cases of regulated law laws commonly enacted or under the conditions of possession of a legal representative, and a legal person who does not have a legal personality, to which the laws of common law are generally accepted, which includes a legal agreement with the Sovere.

4. The Klienta is a panel that allows the management of the Klient's orders through Sklep, under registration and logic.

5. Consument to Klient, which is a physical person and contains an agreement to make an undisclosed relationship with the prowading economic activity or professional.

6. Koszyk is the functionality of Sklepu, enabling the complete speech of Towara by Klient.

7. This is the subject of the Dostarczania Towara services in cooperation with the Soverdawca.

8. The Regulamin is more umowne conditions, whose objects are electronically supported by the publisher on the Klients via Sklepu.

9. It is a store, led by Sprzedawka via a website available at the Internet network on URL: website

10. Aneta Nowicka, a leading economic activity under the Aneta Nowick company "Best Solution", based in Warsaw (01-355) at Oś. The presence of 172 registered in the Central Evidence and Information about the Economic Act led by the Minister of Development, under the number of NIP 5221926106 and REGON 141683917, which serves as the publisher, administrator and owner of Sklep. It can be contacted by a phone number: 888, 830, 888, 888, 888, and using email address: e-mail

11. The sale of Towara, witnessed by the publisher to Klient, whose items are obliged to transfer the property of Towara and their assets, and the obligation of Klienta to Towara's retribution and payments.

12 .Towar is a spokesperson in the area of Sklepu by Soveraży.

13. It is a service provided by the publisher for Klient, based on a contract between parties via Sklepu. As part of the organized system, the agreement will contain an agreement at a distance without a single physical presence. INFORMACJE DOTYCZZYSTANIA Z PRAWA ODWA ODPIENIA POUCZY POUCZENIE O ODSTPIENIU ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY PIY ODY POUCZY POUCZY POUCZENIE O IN ODSTENI ODI ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODYU ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY PIY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY PIY ODY As a result, the right to replace the agreement in our Sklepie in the term 14 days without any cause, with the intent of evaluating the cases in the part of the "excluding the right of the contract". The term for rejoinment of the contract after 14 days: in which the state entered into possession of things, or in which the third person in the company was in possession of things – in the case of the sale, the agreement, the agreement, and the third in the case of services. To keep the term back from the agreement, to send a state of information about the payment of the state of the right to resign from the agreement. In order to rejoin the agreement, the state must inform the us: Aneta Nowick's "Best Solution", Oś. Przyjaźń 172, 01-355 Warsaw, e-mail: e-mail: e-mail: e-mail: e-mail, omitting the decision from the more negotiated agreement (for example, mail or electronic mail). As a result of the agreement, the state can use a formula from a contract, but it is not compulsory. The formulation of a formular is in connection with the regulation of electronic services via the Sklepu. The SKUTKI ODPIENIA OD UMOWY in the case of resusciting the more efficient agreements of the state all of the payments, including the cost of the things (except for additional cost of 14 days) notified by the state's decision to achieve another more than the usual way to achieve the necessary payments of the offer by the state. The return of payments to the same payments, which were used in the original transaction, unless clearly agreed to the State for a different solution; in each case the state does not pay for any payments. We can stop paying tribute to time receiving things, or until the time it could be added, depending on what happened before. If they received the State of Things in connection with the agreement, we ask to send or communicate to Aneta Nowick's address, "Best Solution", Oś. Przyjaźń 172, 01-355 Warsaw, and in every case no later than 14 days, in which they informed the State of the Act. The term is preserved, if the rest of the state would precede the term 14 days. The state would have to build a direct return cost. The cost of these costs is estimated at about 200,000 PLN. The state only reduces the value of things due to its use in a different way than it was necessary to determine the character's character, characteristics and function of things. "WYŁAZENIE PRAWA ODSTPIENIA OD ODY ODY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY NO LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY IN LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY NO LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY NO LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY LOY As a result of a contractual agreement outside the company or on a distance, it does not support a contract in which the subject is provided in a sealed packaging that would not return due to health or health protection, if it was opened to the tire. Consument assumes that all of the services offered by the publisher are uming for a statement – the service of non-consistented services, made according to the request of a consument or serving to satisfy its unpredictable needs. According to Article 38 pkt 3 of the Act of May 30, 2014, on the rights of consumers (Dz.U. z 2014 r. poz. 827 z -) on the sale of information that the service of the installation and configuration of the Internet store is prepared according to an individual Klienta specification and is treated as a special address for the WORFORA FORAZA The date of the agreement(*)/odbioru(*): Imia i name konsumenta(-s): Adres konsumenta(-sumenta): The signature of the concordmenta(sumenta(-s): If the formula is transmitted in a paper version) Data: (*) Noteable. FORMULARZ REKLAMACYJNY (formular format) Adresat: Aneta Nowicka "Best Solution" (PDF) Warszawa Imię i named Klienta: Adres Klienta: No phone call Klienta: Adres e-mail Klienta: as contact data, which is a reference to advertising response, and the introduction of correspondence with her associated address: mail address: e-mail address: Reklamacja: Reklamacja u _racji: _jej: u _jej : u u u u u u u u : u et u e-mailyu e-maily : e-maily : Reklamacja: Reklamacja: Reklamacja et : _j : : : : : : _j _j : : _j : _j : : : : : : _j : : _j : : : : : j _j u u e e e : : : u u u : _ The description of the problem: "The removal of goods or services to free from the failure of the price to return from the agreement One who writes that: Towary can be covered by a manufacturer or distributor. In such a case, Klient is able to advertise goods with guarantees, through advertising to guarantee. The use of advertising to guarantee a guarantee can be made via the exchange of advertising Supporters or directly to the guarantee. Klient may be able to qualify for the title of the hand for physical goods, regardless of the powers of the guarantee. The subscription of an order is unique with the acceptance of the more regulated regulation